The little successes. 

The one thing I failed to realise when I first started Forever, was that I shouldn’t just be focusing on the big targets I had set myself. Because, ultimately, when I didn’t reach them, I would feel like I had failed. So, I went along to a training webinar and was told to celebrate all the little achievements I had achieved. Oh my, what a difference it made!

Once you start celebrating the little things, it gives the confidence that you look for to achieve and push for the big targets. And soon you hit your big targets and the sky is the limit! Once I started to pat my self on the back for the little things, I started to set bigger and better targets for myself. This year I had set the target of giving my boy the best birthday weekend he could have.

He had earlier gone through an operation in June and suffered a lot of post-op trauma and still does to this day. But he is still so strong and so happy. After all that, I felt he deserved something amazing for his birthday. So, I went and planned for him to have Paw Patrol mascots to come to his party and entertain him and his friends. On enquiring about the cost, my heart sank as I knew it would take a large chunk out of our bank account.  But after seeing how much he had overcome in his life, I pushed that sinking feeling out of my head and wrote down my goal and the costs on a big paper where I could see it everyday and it would remind me what I was working towards. So I pushed in my business hard for months and finally had the money to book the Paw Patrol for his birthday as well as a few other tidbits. It was so worth it. Seeing the look on his face when he saw Chase and Marshall was the best feeling ever! I felt a sense of pride that I had made his birthday as special as it could be. I had set myself a target and achieved it. It was so overwhelming and has given me such confidence that I am now ready to set myself an even bigger target for next year for him. And I know I can achieve it the same way I have done so in the past!


The moral of the story is to not lose focus of what you are trying to achieve. Make a vision board of all your hopes and dreams and tick them off as you achieve them. Start off with a small target and work your way up. Don’t set targets which are a huge jump as you will end up feeling knocked back when it doesn’t happen. Celebrate everything you do achieve, every sale you make, every time you talk to someone about your business and products. Celebrate everything and you can achieve anything.


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