Mindset of a millionnaire!

So as I sit here at 2.30am feeding my little baby girl, I look in to her big eyes looking up at me probably thinking “why are you on your phone?”  I can hear a few people also wondering why I’m wide awake at this time! Let me explain why…

This hour that I have of me being awake it the best hour to set myself up for the day. I don’t mean plan my day, hour by hour. I mean set my mind up for the day. Mindset is so important to get the right activity and the right results. So I sit for an hour and think about all that I want to achieve for both my children and myself. I envision myself in my dream house and dream car, kids in the best schools and the biggest smiles. What parent doesnt want the best for their children?

I have noticed such a difference in saying to myself, “you can do this!” “Keep positive” “touch the sky!”. Just spending one hour in the morning, reminding yourself how powerful you are and that everything is achievable when you let go of your fear. Its the best thing I do for myself to make me stronger and brush the little things off. And I won’t ever stop. Try it for yourself and see the difference it makes! 


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