Living with anxiety.

There's so many ways that people explain anxiety. For some it's a feeling of worry, for some it's a feeling of nervousness or fear of an outcome. It's normal to be nervous and worry sometimes but there comes a point when it begins to take over your life. There are so many things that can trigger anxiety. For me, it was my first pregnancy. There are some ways to discern whether you have an anxiety disorder. The first way is if you find that you are constantly worrying about unnecessary things. I used to (and still do) always worry about what effect my actions will have. For example, if I wanted to text someone, I would be thinking 100 different things about what would happen if I sent it. Even after checking so many times with my hubby, I would send it and still be worrying! There was a certain situation that happened in our household which rendered me nearly housebound! It can affect people in so many ways. During my pregnancy, I used to have panic attacks constantly due to bad news. I would be up all night the day before an appointment, just worried and panicking about what would happen. I remember sitting in the hospital and just trying to breathe properly waiting for an appointment.

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep is another sign or anxiety. I've found myself on countless occasions tossing and turning or just not being able to fall asleep. Half of people with anxiety will always report that they have sleep issues. Although there were a few case where people woke up after a nights sleep feeling wired, mind racing and unable to calm themselves down. The reason for this is we have the most irrational fears running through our minds.

Panic attacks, in my opinion, are the worst part of an anxiety disorder. It's difficult to breathe, you become sweaty and vision becomes blurry. Coming down from a panic attack is so hard but once you overcome the main hurdle of controlling your breathing then you know that you 'safe'.

So how did I overcome anxiety?

Well the actual truth is….. I haven't overcome it at all. People say so much to me to just get over it and carry on with life, think positive and my personal favourite – keep yourself busy! What close friends and family fail to realise is that we can do all those things for half a day, then everything comes crashing back.

My first steps were ensuring that I had a decent nights sleep. I spoke to my lovely hubby about helping out with getting the kids in bed. I started taking Forever Living's Royal Jelly tablets to help me unwind before bed. I listen to some relaxing music and use the spray from the Tropic So Sleepy collection. Both products for me work best as the Royal jelly helps my brain to relax as i get ready for bed. The spray helps me to knock out whilst listening to the music. If the babies get up in the night, my hubby will help me with alternate feeding pattern. Thursdays i get a lie in as its hubbys day off.

Once i clocked the nights sleep, my energy was slightly restored. Then, I set myself to the task of only surrounding myself with positive people and people who would help me grow. I spoke to these people daily. I listen to songs each day which empower me. I try my hardest not to be on medication for my anxiety and will do everything I need to first before medication is needed.

Everyday consists of constantly reminding myself that I can do this, I am a good mum, there is nothing to be afraid of, my family love me and support me. I try to do something new everyday. Some days are bad days where I struggle to get out the bed but someone told me that I have to allow myself those days to let myself feel all that sadness and then put it to one side and it honestly works.

There are so many ways to overcome anxiety and there is no right way to do it, you simply have to find the best way that works for you. Head up, chin up and force a smile. You never know, one day the smile will be real!


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