Dear mums…

Motherhood is motherhood. It doesn’t matter how you did it. Whether you pushed for 40 hours or allowed half dozen surgeons cut into you for 40 mins. You bought life into this world and that is the most amazing thing ever! There is pain involved but when you hear that first cry, see those little eyes looking at you, you forget all that pain, even if you are looking at them through an incubator. And then the worry starts…

For me, the worry and guilt kicked in when I thought that I couldn’t breastfeed which I soon realised all mothers had the same fear. But I soon relaxed and took it as just “one of those things” and everything changed – I could breastfeed! We worry about such little things about them. A little mark, their feeding patterns, weight changes, solids, sterilising. We probably have never worried like that about ourselves!! The biggest fear most mums have is whether we are doing the right thing for them. This comes in at any age… my mum still worries about me to this day as i will probably do with my kids.

Someone (without kids) asked me yesterday how I have the strength to go out and about with two kids in tow on my own. My reply “wait till your kids come, then you will get the strength too”. Its true though, our maternal sides kick in to gear and we become supermum! We will go above and beyond for our babies, even when they are 40 haha.. We are mums and this is what we do best. We love, we protect, we play, we nurture, we teach, we do everything we need to do plus more.

To all the lovely mums out their, I want to take this moment to say well done, you are all amazing and deserve so much more than this world can give!

You are amazing!

You are a mum!!


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