10 tips to stay motivated!

We all live in a world now where there are so many distractions such as social media. There’s so many posts that are horrible and can get you down and demotivate you. Or maybe you’re having an off day and can’t seem to stay motivated. It happen to all of us but it’s easy to get back on track! Here are my top 10 tips that I find work for getting my mojo back.

1) Change your environment. 

You want to make sure you are siting in an office surrounding whilst working. I am guilty of sitting on the sofa with the TV on and my work in front of me. And you can all guess what happened! I ended up watching two films and eating snacks! So I now go to the library cafe to make sure that I am in a office/study environment and it honestly makes you want to work!

You also want to make sure you are surrounded by people who are positive and encourage you. People who will support your decisions and help you achieve your goals. Negative Nancy’s are out there by the truckload and it can be anyone! These people are here to teach you a life lesson and how to overcome it, but don’t allow them to stay in your life. As they say in Frozen, Let it go!

2) Plan your time.

Every Sunday I sit and plan my week out so I know what I am doing the whole week. We’ve all heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”  I only now know how true it really is. I feel lost without planning my week and keeping on top of it. I split it between work time, family time and me time ( of course we all need me time!). And it just takes half the pressure off as I dont have to think.

Make to do lists for each day, daily goals and put them on the fridge and keep adding to it. Somewhere you can see it. Make the goals bite size so you can achieve them easily.

3) Tick lists

Nothing is better than tick lists! The brain likes seeing things ticked off on a list. It boosts adrenaline and motivates you to tick one more off and then one more and one more and so on. It can even be the simplest thing such as getting the meal plans done for the day. I tick off when the kids are off to school on time! Little things to get you going and started. The brain loves it and you will have an energy boost without even having done anything.

4) Change your mindset. 

Now, this was the biggest thing that I never believed in and thought was rubbish. I found the idea of listening to a motivational video on YouTube for half an hour to be so boring and quite frankly not worth it. But different things work for different people and this was something I found by talking to other people. For some, watching a motivational video works and  can get them set up for the day. For others, it’s reading it in a book. For me, I love listening to happy music. Music that makes me want to jump up and dance. Part of my weekly plan is to allocate a song to each day that will get me up and going every morning. It gets you excited and makes you want to go. Since doing this, I don’t remember a day when I haven’t left the house after 8.30am. It gets me going to the gym, the shops, or even to ‘work’. Nothing beats a good song in the morning to get those vibes going!

5) Vision board

Now this is something I was also skeptical of. I didn’t think that it could work. I mean pictures on a board on your fridge? How was that going to help, right? It turns out that it helped A LOT!!!! When you see it everyday, it reminds you of your goals and dreams and pushes you again. It reminds you of your WHY and motivates you again. So, identify your goals and dreams, whether it’s cars, holiday, schools for the kids, Christmas presents, whatever you want! It all goes on the board. Put it on your fridge, in your wardrobe so you see it when you go to get your clothes. Fill it with words to push you, images of your dream house and prices! Put your dream car as the screen saver on you phone or laptop so  you seen it all the time and remember why you are pushing so hard and what you want to achieve.

6) A good night sleep! 

Yes it’s a cliche but so true! Unless you are fully rested and restored, you cannot motivate yourself to do anything. All you will want to do is go to sleep or sit on the sofa with a cup of tea and just not do anything. Don’t get me wrong, we all have these days every so often and sometimes you just need that downtime. But there’s a difference between doing it for a day and then doing it for a week. If you go to sleep at a reasonable time, you will wake up feeling refreshed and alert and ready to conquer the day!

7) Take breaks 

Yes, just like you did when you studied for an exam. Research shows that scheduling in breaks works better for the brain. Imagine if you were told you had to work for 3 hours solid. Your brain automatiocally is thinking “what?!”. But if you knew that you would be working for 30 mins and then had a 10 min break, your brain will try to get as much done in that half hour. And time seems to go quickly when you schedule in break times. Otherwise your brain will just rush to finish the job and you will end up shoddy work. So don’t be afraid to take breaks.

8) Eat healthy, Stay healthy.

OK, everyone knows that the healthier you eat, the better it is for your body. But did you know that it is also better for your mind. Eating right is lighter on the body as the body can digest food better. However, because it is so easy to digest, it keeps your mind alert on other tasks to hand. Whereas having heavy food such as burgers will give you a sustained energy level but because they are so heavy on the stomach they tend to make you sluggish and tired afterwards. I mean, come on, we all know the feeling we get when we have stuffed our tummys and all we want to do is sleep!

The best way to combat this is to meal prep and plan. If you know what you are having then it becomes easy to have. Imagine if you were on a break (just had a Ross flashback from Friends), you go into the kitchen, or shops, and go straight to the chocolate. We’ve all done it. Now imagine, you already planned ahead and you have your apple, or bean salad at the ready so you don’t even have to go to the kitchen or shops!  How much easier is that?

9) Turn a goal into a habit. 

Now I don’t mean the big goals. I mean the little goals like planning your week, or even your day. If you do it everyday then it is more likely to become a habit and will stick. Once it has become a habit then add another habit. Pretty soon, your mini goals will all become habits and you big goals will be within reach. Best way to do this is to take something from your daily to do list and make it a habit so after a few weeks, it shouldn’t need to go on the list. I mean, you wouldn’t put brush your teeth on your daily list, right?

10) Invest in a good planner

I feel this is the key to everything. I have used so many planners and journals and diaries, and they all seem to have something or other missing. I invested in the My Pro Planner and it is the best planner that I have used in so long. It gives a breakdown of each day in hours so you can properly plan out the whole day. It has a section for your monthly goals at the start of the month and then reviews and things to work on for the next month. It really allows you to evaluate what worked best for you and what you focus is the following month! I absolutely love it and will be investing in it again and also the desk planner as I feel that this will help motivate me more. Since getting this planner, my time has been used so much more effectively and I’m seeing so much more results from doing this.

So those are my top ten tips that I personally have found to be the best at motivating me and pushing me forward. Ofcourse everyone is different and some tips and tricks work better than others. You just have to find what works for you. If you have any other tips then let me know in the comments. I’m intrigue to know any more tips and tricks!


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