Here comes 2018..

So here we are. Another year has passed us by and I’m sure we are reflecting on the past year and all those resolutions that we will re make in 2018 as we didn’t keep to them in 2017! I know I have one or two that I will be re making!

2017 started with a bang for as my beautiful daughter arrived in Jan 2017 and it just progressively got better and better! There were a few hiccups along the way where I learnt how much I was valued by friends and family and how to avoid those who bought me down. I started two new businesses; my henna business (DayaRaj) which was featured in the local magazine and I also joined a weight management business which has completely taken off! I have had amazing support from family and friends which has helped amazingly!2018 is going to be a game changer for me! Already I have planned the most amazing birthday party for my little girl, got 2 holidays booked for 2018 and looking to book a third already! January will see me hitting yet another promotion! Im ready to smash 2018 out of the park and get the best for my kids.

This isn’t a bragging post or a Look At Me post, this is a post to say look at what YOU can achieve. I firmly believe anyone and everyone can achieve this. I started 2017 feeling low and in a lot of pain with the pregnancy and its just bloomed. It can bloom for anyone, even you reading this post!


You can do it!! I believe in you so you should believe in you!

I hope you all have an amazing 2018 as we kiss 2017 goodbye. Leave all your fears, anxiety and sadness behind. Theres no time for that in 2018. See you on the other side guys!!


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