Where have I been?

Helloo my fellow friends, its been a long while since i posted anything to this blog, in fact its been a good 5 months! Well I’m back and with even more content to share.

After some petty family feuds and some amazing career achievements, I’ve begun to realise the secret to life and its not just as easy as “Be Happy”. If you take that phrase just as it is, you can take it to mean so many different things. One, be happy with your situation in life as others have it much worse. Two, be happy and not look at anyone else. Or three, be happy, live and let live. I like to go by option 3 (for the most part). But it can get pretty testing at times and you have to seriously think, “am I letting this person walk all over me?” Sometimes you can let live, and other times there are things that just need to be said! But putting all that aside, I’ve realised that there is one thing that we have all missed when looking at the secret of life.

It is ok to admit mistakes that have been made and apologise where you need to. So many of us, whether we are parents, husbands, wives, sons, daughters – we all try to be this perfect image of what we think we should be like. But does anyone actually know the definition of a perfect mother? Or a perfect brother? Sister? Daughter? So why do we try to be this person? Who are we trying to please? Everyone makes mistakes or has their own way of doing things and theres no right way of doing it whether its parenting or just cooking dinner. Obviously it goes without saying that you try your utmost hardest in everything you do, but mistakes and misunderstandings will happen. Its ok to admit them. There are a small group of people in the world who know they have made a mistake and out of embarrassment, pride or even ego will refuse to admit and apologise for their mistake. I believe that if you have made a blunder or hurt someone, there is no harm in apologising. No one will think badly of you and your head will be so much lighter and clearer. And therein lies the secret to life – to have a clear conscience.

Don’t get me wrong, its important to be happy as well, but be happy knowing that you have done the right thing and that no one can point a finger at you. Be happy in yourself knowing that you have done your hardest. I struggle everyday finding the balance between keeping the kids happy and keeping the house clean and food cooked. And food cooking is no easy feat when I have a husband and son who are very picky on their foods and generally end up making 2 separate meals! But its ok, i am still learning to find that balance and one day i will get it but for now, I’m doing my hardest and I’m happy with that. There will always be someone to say that i could be doing more, and they are probably right. I could be doing more and once i have a handle on what i am doing so far, then i will do more. After all, what is life without a little challenge, eh?

x H x

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