10 motivational quotes to keep you going!

Its no mystery that sometimes we feel like we are losing that motivation to work hard and keep going. It could be a bad situation you have gone through or even just the black clouds outside on a cloudy day. But here are some quotes that I love to read to get my mojo back and crack on with living life to the fullest!


How true is this? Why live life looking at your glass as half empty? See the positives in life and let go of all the negativity and grudges. We only live once and who knows how long for?


If you don’t have a goal or clear vision in life, then where is your motivation going to come from? Whether its a holiday abroad, a new car, new house or even just the newest designer handbag. Have a vision board of your future in 5 years time and use that to remind yourself everyday of why you are in your business.


If you look the part, you will feel the part. There have been plenty of mornings where I have been so tempted not to brush my hair or put make up on because of a bad night of sleep or feeling ill. Its normal to feel this way sometimes. But if you do it one day, you will do the another day and then another. The minute I get myself dressed and ready, I forget how crap i was feeling and I’m ready to tackle the day! Never give up!


For so many months, I was upset and angry that no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t get to where I needed to be. Someone very inspirational to me shared this gem with me and it really resonated home. Everyones journey is different and great things honestly do come in their own time. Just when you feel like giving up, thats the moment when you are so close to success.


If you dont love what you are doing, then why do it? How will you be motivated to put 110% into it? You have to work hard for greatness. Its often described as pushing a big rock up a massive hill. The harder it gets to push as you reach the top. But once you reach the top then it is smooth sailing down!


This one always reminds me of Beyonce’s song, Run the World. But it is so true. You have to have a plan of what you are going to do in the day or the day will over run you. I run two businesses and i split my time three ways – 2 businesses and my kids. So my day is planned down to the hour. The day that i don’t plan or i miss an hour, i feel so out of sorts like i don’t know what im doing! By the time i know it, its dinner time and hubby is home and i haven’t done any of the work i had planned to do! Plan! Plan! Plan! Take control!


This quote always makes me laugh when i read it. The same way a bath/shower is needed everyday to keep your body clean, daily motivation is needed to keep your mind on track and healthy. You wouldn’t go out in the morning without brushing your teeth so why go a day without setting your mindset and motivation for the day? 10 minutes is all it takes! It could be a set of songs to listen to in the morning to get your mind flowing. Or even looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself “You can do this!”


Well your mind. There are endless possibilities and endless choices in the world. You can achieve anyone of them if you believe you can. Just think back to Nadia from the Great British Bake Off. She believed she could win and she did! And her words when she won? “I will never say that I cant do it! I can and I will.” We all can. The moment you doubt yourself is the moment that you limit yourself and decrease your chances of touching the stars!


Its important to have dreams and aspirations but to always be dreaming of that holiday or new car that you want, is not a good thing. Why not work that little bot harder and achieve that holiday and then sleep with peaceful memories of how great that holiday was! Those are the best night sleeps when you remember all the good times from the holidays! At least for me anyway!


And lastly, success doesn’t just happen overnight or by magic. You have to put in the work and attend all those team meetings and trainings. How can you grow without learning? I’m sure all you lovely people attended your classes at school before attempting exams? Its the same with a business. You have to attend, learn and practice before you see success.

So there you have it. My favourite quotes to keep me motivated and keep me going. Which ones are your favourites or do you a quote which you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

x H x

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