To the NICU mama,

To the mum sitting in NICU,

You’ve had a hard and anxious time getting your precious baby here only to have them whisked away to the neonatal unit. You sit and watch your baby surrounded by wires and pipes and listen to the constant beeping around you. You try to comfort your baby with a glass between you, or with baby getting lost under your shirt. You adapt to every passing moment and situation the best you can. You learn to celebrate every achievement, no matter how big or small. The neonatal unit becomes your second home and the NICU nurses become your second family and celebrate every step with you. You learn to take comfort in the numbers on the machines.

With each passing day, your baby becomes more resilient and so do you! You are amazing and strong. You become more and more confident in holding your baby and changing nappies. You feel more like a mum every day.

This is your reminder that you are strong, you are resilient, you are amazing. Its ok to cry and its ok to wish them better. Have faith in your baby. You have fought to get baby here, baby will fight to come home. Have faith that one day you will take your baby home!

To the mum sitting in NICU, watching her baby for hours, we salute you. You are amazing!

x H x

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