What have I learnt from 2018?

Wow! 2018 is over and what a rush it has been! So many lessons have been learnt over 2018 and unfortunately it took me the whole year to learn those lessons!

1) You cant change yourself to suit others no matter how much you think it will help the situation. Sometimes changing yourself will only do you harm as its not who you are! As Sanka from Cool Runnings says, “I can only be Jamaican”. I can only be myself and no-one else! So why try?

2) People are always going to have things to say. I’ve learnt this the hard way! A problem was presented, I tried to change to sort it and it was still a problem. If you do things your way, its wrong. If you do things their way, its still wrong! The only thing you can do… Shrug your shoulders and carry on with the way you are!

3) Your family is number 1. Now the definition of family can vary from person to person on this. For instance, my family is my husband and my three babies. They come first for me and always will. I forgot this for a little while and became so burdened and overwhelmed. When i re-adjusted myself and my thoughts, I felt so free and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

4) Life goes on. This sounds like a cliche but its true. Bad things happen but life doesn’t stop for anything. You still have to pick yourself back up, dust the dirt off and carry on. Things will fall into place!

5) Listen to your soul. It will tell you everything you need to hear. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes the head makes a devision but the heart knows better. I found myself in a situation where my head was wanting one thing and my heart was wanting the opposite. I had to really listen to my soul to make a decision and once i started listening, things were a lot clearer.

6) Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you, not drag you down. I have some amazing friends and family around me who are always around for me whenever I need to vent, cry, or ask advice. My business circle is filled with people who are inspiring and uplifting and motivate you to do well! These are the people you need, not the negative Nancy’s!

7) Trust in God. I’m a firm believer that all the tests and trials I have been put through, were there to test me and my strength, especially on the hottest day of the year where I was nil by mouth, waiting to be taken into surgery to have my baby boy! That was a real test! But it made me stronger and has increased my patience for definite!

8) There are some things in life that you cant change, whether it is family, a situation, health issues or anything else that you may be struggling with. So what do you do? You have to first tell yourself that its not going to change. Then you have to deal with it. Easier said than done, right? Trust me, I know! But its all about baby steps. Taking things a bit at a time, day by day, and slowly things will settle or make sense!

9) I didn’t realise how important food is for your mental health! Eating the right fruits and veg can make such a difference to how you feel. Even eating the right types of protein or getting the right vitamins. Of course, it wont get rid of your anxiety or depression completely but it can really help to aid you in the right direction!

10) BE HAPPY! Focus on your goals, your future. Don’t be stuck in one place otherwise it will ruin you. Don’t overthink things, it will cripple you. Live and let live. You can only be you! So be you! You can only live your life so live it to the fullest! Forget everyone else and just concentrate on your family!

Your life is a book. This new year is a new chapter in your book and you are holding the pen. It’s your chance to write yourself a beautiful story for yourself! Make it count!

Wishing all my nearest and dearest, and all my awesome readers a massive happy new year! May 2019 be your year to smash!!

x H x

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